Some of my western related videos:

The Audie Murphy Tour, Lone Pine, 2014.

Some call Lone Pine, CA the movie capital of the world. It was and continues to be a favorite location for filmmakers. At the annual Lone Pine Film Festival visitors can go on tours exploring the sites used and walk in the footprints of Hollywood’s greatest filmmakers. This “handmade” video looks at the three Audie Murphy films that used Lone Pine locations. Other films that used the same sites are also highlighted.

The John Wayne Birthplace Museum Grand Opening

Scott Eyman, author of the wonderful “John Wayne: The Life and Legend” (Simon & Schuster) delivered the Grand Opening Keynote Address for the John Wayne Birthplace Museum in Winterset, Iowa on 23 May, 2015. Scott’s beautifully crafted speech helps clarify John Wayne enduring appeal and relevance for those who love John Wayne and the movies.

Harry Carey, Jr talks about his pal, Ben Johnson

At the 2007 Lone Pine Film Festival Harry Carey, Jr told the folks a funny story about his pal, Ben Johnson. Ben was stunt doubling for Johnny Weissmuller in Tazan’s Desert Mystery (1943). It seems that drinking with Johnny could have dire consequences!

Harry Carey, Jr at the Lone Pine Film Festival, 2007

Western movie legend Harry Carey, Jr talks about his time on the set of The Whales of August with Betty Davis, Lillian Gish and Lindsay Anderson.

John Ford on Steamboat Round the Bend

A cranky John Ford talks to Philip Jenkinson about Steamboat Round the Bend (1935) and Will Rogers.

These are the very rocks…

Hollywood legend Gregory Peck returned to Lone Pine as guest of the 1995 Lone Pine Film Festival. He made three films in Lone Pine – Yellow Sky, The Gunfighter, and How the West Was Won.

Looks like nobody ever lived here

Filmed in Lone Pine I Died a Thousand Times is a shot by shot recreation of High Sierra

Travels with My Son: Bodie, California, 2012

This video is about our trip to Bodie, California in October, 2012.